Zannetti’s timepieces entirely handmade

Entirely handmade, numbered and registered, each Zannetti piece surpass the personalization concept, with defined quality guidelines and stunning tech profile. Among the watches showcased at Baselworld 2016 – from March 17 until March 24 – Zannetti’sPiranha, Owl, Paris and Magnificum collections are quite the eye catchers. For the diving watches, the Piranha Skeleton models from the professional Scuba Art collection indeed captured the ancient Italian craftsmanship tradition in glasswork. The pieces sport a hardwood base with hand-engraved Piranha design and are painted in polychrome enamels. A rhodium coated self-winding mechanical movement -personalized by Zannetti – with the beautiful brushed steel case back – with polished edges that giveexceptional depth to the dials- are the main qualities of this particular collection, in extremely limited edition since each piece is too complex to be reproduced on a large scale.

The perfect union between watch and jewelry making, the Regent Owl required the abilities of the myriad of master artisans such as engraver, setter, enameler, gemologist, watchmaker and – of course – the actual designer, all involved in the production of the exquisite piece. The Magnificum collection catches the eye for the extreme care in craftsmanship: the dial is engraved in jade and exhibits a translucent enamel finish, with prestigious personalized Zannetti movement. Based on a constructive, conceptual and uncompromising philosophy, Zannetti watches are perfect examples of excellence, from both technological and artistic point of views.

Each one of the timepieces has his own physiognomy, which comes from talented watchmakers working in concert with great designers, in rendering each piece unique. All Zannetti, impressive luxury watches are a -wearable form of art that mixes with the personality of his user, making wearing them an utterly personal experience.

Every second is impressed in the watch history, nature and – ultimately – in its soul. 


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