The new Nouvelle Bague exclusive jewels collections

High jewelry combines elegance and luxury with craftsmanship of excellence and precious materials.Nouvelle Bague, renowned for its exclusive collection in gold, enamel and diamonds – founded in Florence by Leopoldo Poli in 1976 – creates everlasting emotions to wear. Today as in the past, Nouvelle Bague made the Florentine tradition of enameling an integral part of his creations, featured in its refined and elegant collections suitable for any occasion and mood, where the lush colors of enamel combine with gold and diamonds for stunning results.The soft and rounded shapes with cabochon gemstones of Giardini di Boboli collection, is a tribute to the wonderful historic Italian gardens and recall the medieval coats of arms of the great Florentine families. The Papaveri collection is the perfect expression of the philosophy of the brand that, here, has chosen the universal language of flowers with intense, radiant colors and a unique cut of black and white diamonds. Hammam della Rosacollection conveys an oriental feel with the red and blue enamel of earrings, rings and bracelets that recall the colors of spices and the traditional henna used by eastern women for fine, lace-like tattoos. Diamonds and gold give a clear feel of luxury.  India Preziosa collection is inspired by the magic of India, which lives again in the lovely shapes and new color combinations of bright-blue enameling with shades of red that range from amaranth to scarlet, combined with pink gold and diamonds. Leopoldo Poli declared “I created forms, colors and symbols that communicate strength, tenderness and love. I imagined gold, diamonds and enamel outlining the pathway of our thoughts.”   For MFM, he did it. But judge yourselves visiting


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