T’a Milano: Alemagna’s first bistro

In the earth of Milan, within the almost palpable Palazzo Clerici’s scent of history, you can find T’a Milano Store & Bistrot, opened by Italians Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna’s brothers and located in Via Clerici 1. This bistro is also a coffee house where the artisan petit four renders memorable experiences to fancy palates. The haute patisserie concept is clearly connected -no surprise- to the family tradition, worldwide renewed for the familiar panettone cake production since 1921. Alemagna’s house new entrepreneurial vision combines cocktails, chocolate and risotti within a pleasant restaurant atmosphere.  

If the saying “the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it“ still holds true, T’a Milano is the perfect partner in crime, for indulging in soft clouds of chocolate-the mousse, precisely- or submerge the palate in exquisite Sfizi d’Autore sweets -the small pastry selection specialties of the house- with a cup of good tea nearby

Sophisticated, contemporary style design within a relaxed atmosphere, also an early sign of excellent service for the restaurant. Dinner time is a must to experience the culinary, seasonally oriented dishes of the house. Suggestions : porcini mushrooms ravioli, tomato sauces and pork ragu, squash risotto with piedmont hazelnut and the unavoidable, to-die-for, cocoa tortello with aromatized ricotta cheese stuffing. Never departing from the traditional sweet Alemagna’s origins -“dolce forte” filet mignon with chocolate-red wine sauce been a good example- the menu offers quite a good selection of dishes.

Fish lovers alert for the codfish embedded with bitter-sweet Tropea red onions and crumbled pistachios. Seasonal availability for the Piedmont White Truffle specialty dishes, right now the tagliolini pasta with the famous tartufo d’alba is in the menu. For a quick lunch or a snack, the universally popular fish and chips, or a Club sandwich. The pre lunch apéritifs and later-hours cocktails are, at this particular moment, mostly dedicated to famous Milanese families. For an easy choice, the -whisky based- Alemagna’s Favorite. An “Oro di Milano“ (Milan’s Gold ) offers a mix of Dutch gin and saffron.  

Breakfast is, possibly, the most tempting occasion for sweet tooth, but the tantalizing artisanal chocolate bon-bon, from classic pralines to blooming boules with smooth filling and crunchy nut shells, can also perform as end-of-the-day rewards or elegant gift-giving occasion.

For Christmas, the scent of iconic Alemagna’s panettone infuses the bistro, homaging both nostalgic palates and the longstanding Milanese traditional cake, which rather improves with the test of time.



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