The new star of Palazzo Parigi: Chef Katia Maccari

A blaze of stars from famous Michelin Guide – 6 in total – counting together the one of Katia Maccari’s I Salotti del Patriarca tuscan restaurant and the 5 assigned to Palazzo Parigi, the luxury hotel in the center of Milan. For the entire month of December, these stars will work together to create a special holidays menu that exalt the Tuscan culinary tradition- in the heart of Milan. Katia Maccari momentarily abandon her restaurant – a Michelin one star for 13 years in a row – located in Chiusi, Siena region, to enhance the 5 stars hotel’s restaurant menu.

The tasting menu presents 5, 7 or 9 different courses, with a complementary choice of wines. Guests will have the opportunity to follow Maccari on her shopping activities in San Marco market and learn how to recognize fresh produce. Back to the hotel, they may also be interested in personally help the chef in her dish creations before the closing of the morning, with a sampling of Tuscan cold cuts and the typical wine. A small preview of the menu: cannoli with ricotta cheese, lentils with dried apricots, white chocolate soup with coffee, capocollo Cinta Senese ham, duck foie gras and a ratte french potatoes soft dish. Maccari’s culinary passion started in her childhood, thanks to both her mother and grandmother strict connection with her. Starting in 2003 with Villa Patriarca, the family business, Katia’s passion transformed into love, making her the culinary artist she is today. From her 3 children -Valerio, Matilde e Pietro- Katia learned that dishes are simply good, or bad.

Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa it is a corner of  elegance in Brera, Milan.  French interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon and Italian architect Giambelli created both the space as a continuous connection between Milan and Paris. The decor of the 65 rooms, 33 suites and community spaces all express the life of this playful contrast between the two fashionable cities. The restaurant faces the enviable, private winter garden and will be Katia’s stage for the holidays. As a 5 stars luxurious hotel and restaurant, Palazzo Parigi today is still capable to reach the highs of the true Milan old fashion elegance long gone.




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