Luce Brunello 2010, Montalcino’s tribute to grapes

Flowering violets aromas, fruity berries and a swift of licorice in his balsamic accents: to describe the nuances that Luce Brunello 2010 leaves on the palate it’s not an easy task. A tribute to the famous Montalcino wine making, in spite of been the youngest, Luce Brunello 2010 is also among the most precious products of Tenuta Luce, a wine estate developed on 77 hectares with 5 wines registered in the Brunello’s albo.   A precious bottle, both for the splendid serigraphy sporting a multi rayed sun that seems to celebrate the power of light and because of the high quality of the wine.

Brunello has been positively affected by the exceptional abundance (in Italy) of water in Winter and Spring combined with a hot and dry Summer, ideal contribution to perfect grapes maturation. Adding uniqueness to this bottle is the aging process of 36 months in french durmast barriques, capable to release woody notes to the final product. An hymn to the Brunello tradition in its elegant, complex structure, this perfectly well balanced wine earned awards from prestigious magazine Wine Advocate with a 94/100 plus a prestigious 100/100 from American wine critic James Suckling.

Montalcino village has a long history of wine production. Forest of holm embracing it may testify a secular agriculture that became so prominent to earn Unesco “World Heritage for Humanity” state. It is in this spectacular environment that Tenuta Luce -192 hectares of land in total, including the aforementioned 77 dedicated to vine, operates. The higher parts of the property are particularly rich in marl with scarce organic material, hence ideal to the Sangiovese production. The lower land zones would rather secure a good Merlot. Luce has been the first wine from Montalcino produced from both Sangiovese and Merlot.

The blend variations depends on the year with just one consistency: the ability to represent the uniqueness  of the Made in Italy all around the globe.  


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