Chef Dario Abbate creates the flavors of Castello di Velona

Combining Tuscan traditional flavors with Sicilian specialties. This is Dario Abbate’s philosophy, executive Chef at Castello di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery, the dream castle in the heart of Val d’Orcia, Unesco World Heritage Site, 12 kilometer distant from Montalcino. The passion for cooking is a family tradition. Dario Abbate, born in 1980 in Sicily, learnt the passion for coking from his mother, while eating and observing the preparation of her homemade traditional dishes, made exclusively with healthy and fresh ingredients. Then, he decided to explore new culinary worlds and prefect his technique. His career is rich of great experiences in the most famous Italian and French restaurants, together with world renowned chefs such as Sergio Mei (Four Seasons in Milan), the starred Aniello Razzano (Grand Hotel Angiolieri in Sorrento) and Angelo Agliano (Royal Monceau in Paris), and Alessandro Cipolla (Hotel de la Ville in Civitavecchia).

His innovative style combines with creativity the typical Tuscan ingredients, like chianina meat or Tuscan archipelago fish, with the flavors of his native land, like Sicilia shrimps, Trapanese pesto and oranges glaze. The most famous dish at the Castle is the risotto with thyme, lemon, and chianina ragù sautéed in the Brunello wine, produced in Castello di Velona winery. Other main dishes of Chef Abbate are: squid arancini with peas and cappers powder; “spaghetti 2008” with garlic, oil and red pepper, Sicilian shrimps and Trapanese pesto; lamb sirloin with tomato, sweet garlic and spicy pancetta sauce; and, lastly, coconut semifreddo, oranges glazed, with pineapples, lime and chocolate streusel.

The Chef is ready to prepare any of this incredible creations in personalized recipes, to satisfy guests’ individual taste and needs. A unique dining experience offered in the splendid locations of the Castle: from the welcoming atmosphere of Velona Lounge bar, in an ancient cloister covered by a crystal cupola,  to the elegant ambience of Settimo Senso Restaurant and the panoramic terrace overlooking Val d’Orcia valley.


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