Bocchino Distillery, the grappa that inspires great chefs

Bocchino Distillery was founded in 1898, when Carlo Bocchino decided to use only the “Moscato from Canelli”, a superior quality wine. The two main lines, the traditional Bocchino grappas and the Private Family Cellar grappas, include unique and refined products. The secret is the territory: the Langhe and Monferrato, from the very heart of Piedmont. Respect for tradition and pursuit of quality are the basis for the characteristic aroma of Bocchino’s grappas.

Since the death of his father in 1996, Carlo Micca Bocchino has taken over the family activity and continued the tradition of one of the best Italian grappas, appreciated all over the world. Today the family tradition has evolved thanks to Carlo’s daughters Miranda and Marta who are furthering, with enthusiasm and intuition, the values that made the company renowned and important. The traditional Bocchino grappas and the Private Cellar grappas inspire chefs with the creation of cocktails and cakes.

The most original cocktail is the Brerhattan. Its name is the combination of New York’s most famous borough, Manhattan, with the name of the elegant area of Brera, in the Medieval heart of Milan. The challenge was to blend the most famous Italian distiller, still not present in cookbooks. The bartender Terence Cassano created a cocktail that is a perfect mixture between the Italian excellence of Bocchino Distillery and the famous Manhattan cocktail. Grappa instead of whisky, more precisely the Moscato Sauternes of the Private Cellar.

Carlo Bocchino Reserve is the main ingredient of the cup cake realized by the cake designer Dear Wendy. However before dessert, better to taste the delicious Topinambur Chicory – made with the Sauternes Cask Finish Bocchino – created by the chef Piergiorgio Parini, Michelin Star of Povero Diavolo restaurant. The Jerusalem artichoke dish has been awarded with the first place in the The Spirit of Time competition, organized by Bocchino Distillery and Gourmet Passion.




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