Bisol presents the Venetian White Wine Experience

At Vinitaly (from 22 to 25 March in Verona), Bisol presents the Venetian White Wine Experience, a new way of setting forth the great wines and their territory. Inspired by literature, Ernest Hemingway becomes a symbol of travelling and adventure, like the emotional tour in four stages to discover wines. An itinerary which passes through the native Venice, Colli Euganei, the Prosecco Superiore hills and Dolomites, to discover wines’ tastes and their great territories.

Gianluca and Desiderio Bisol present their vision of the evolution of the wine world, through the perspective of experiential tourism, at Vinitaly (Pavillon 7, stand E7/E8), enhancing how greatly Made in Italy wine distinguishes itself from other wines in the world: the historic vineyard of Venissa, the deepest in the world, with its archipelago of Native Venice, the beautiful islands Mazzorbo, Torcello and Burano and the Major Vineyard 1350 in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the highest of Europe, protagonist of the project of the extreme wines enhancement .

The other two stages will be in Colli Euganei, the closest hills to Venice, at the Maeli vineyard owned by Elisa Dilavanzo, located on a volcanic terroir, also venue of the wonderful Villa dei Vescovi, which inspired the Palladio, under the tutelage of FAI. The tour ends in the heroic and extreme vineyards of the Prosecco superior Hills. A journey full of a refined sense of taste, smell, great sensations and, most of all, the Italian tradition of wine.


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