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Have a coffee at Peggy Guggenheim Cafè

It is one of the most precious museums dedicated to 20th century art: Palazzo Venier dei Leoni in Venice, the extraordinary unfinished 18th century building overlooking Canal Grande is interwoven with the history of 20th century art. From 1948 to 1979 it was the home of the great collector Peggy Guggenheim, who welcomed artists, collectors and art lovers. In such timeless art venue, Hangar Design Group designed the museum café renovation project,  based on the need to harmoniously join retail and museum functions.

Peggy Guggenheim Cafè’s predominant color is white. The transition to the exhibition area is highlighted by a large white portal that is inserted in the 18th century architecture, underlining its proportions and articulating the space. It is situated on the veranda facing the internal garden, the green heart of the building. An obligatory passage to the museum wing dedicated to temporary exhibits. Reorganizing the space revolves around the dual purpose of emphasizing access to the temporary exhibits through a more rational layout and a portal housing a digital poster (which is also visible from the outside), and making the space leading to the café and adjacent bookshop more fluid.

The furnishing is a sober tribute to design. The formal leit-motif is the stylistic essentialness that characterizes the interior design. The minimal counter, custom designed by Arclinea to combine functional efficiency and formal rigor, stands out in the bar area. Tables and chairs, by Desalto, meet the same criteria of light and discreet elegance.

The walls have travertine marble and Istrian stone inserts, enhanced by the natural light coming from the garden. The “Peggy” light installation, a lamp inspired by modernism specifically designed for this space by Hangar Design Group (made by Vistosi), is lighting the space with a perfect play of lights, enhancing the large black and white portraits of Peggy on the walls.




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