San Clemente Palace Kempinski, stay on a private island

What’s more exclusive than a private island? You do not need to end up in some tropical atoll, now that Kempinski Palace opens his casket in San Clemente. The new location, a 5-star Kempinski flagship in Italy. Vast gardens, 190 rooms – including rooms and suites – the medieval church and the impressive common areas: everything is ready for the guests.

A real destination in the destination, the San Clemente Kempinski can offer a brand new experience of Venice, ensuring that special feeling that only a private island is able to unleash. It’s easy to think about an almost total privacy. A discreet peace stimulates your appetite. The restaurant is led by the capable chef Vincenzo di Tuoro, who offers an elegant and sophisticated selection of flavours, characterized by the nobility of the unique typically Mediterranean ingredients.

Piazza San Marco is only 10 minutes away, by boat of course.  San Clemente Kempinski Palace is surrounded by a centuries-old park, overlooking at the medieval monastery: the view is not for everyone, in fact only the lucky guests of the hotel can enjoy it, in an exclusive holiday of total relaxation. All 190 rooms offer a view that is worthy to be framed: looking at Venice, the lagoon, the gardens and the courtyards. The decor shows the ancient Venetian style and the three bars can satisfy the gourmet desires of each and every guest. And, of course, there is a heated pool in the garden, a tennis court, a golf driving range and gym.

The place has the charm of a fairy-tale, which makes it the perfect location for private events or wedding proposals, in an unparalleled historical setting, with the exclusivity of a private island.


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