He quit being ‘only’ a model because today he considers himself an artist too, but the polyedric Werner Schreyer without a doubt hasn’t completely given up the fashion world just yet.

He was holiday-making in the Tyrol region of southern Austria when he tested a pair ofGloryfy sunglasses for the first time. Their toughness pleasantly surprised him to the degree that shortly after he decided to start working on Unbreakable, a photographic collage that metaphorically juxtaposes a series of X-rays – representing the artist’s fragility – to images of Gloryfy shades, embodying the concept of protection.

If some could question Werner Chreyer’s talent as an artist, his entrepreneurial spirit is definitely a certainty. In fact, the Gloryfy brand jumped to the chance of collaborating with the supermodel, eventually dedicating a whole range of sunglasses to him and choosing Icon Werner as the name of the collection’s flagship model.

The collaboration is still flourishing, as Gloryfy Founder and CEO Christoph Eggerexplains: “We will put Werner’s artwork on display in some of our partner optician shops in Europe and in this way we will at the same time introduce to the public both some great pieces of art and our new sunglasses model, theIcon Werner, too.”

For Schreyer it will be a great opportunity to gain consensus for his art rather than for his appearance, which is why he was more than keen to be part of this new venture: “I’ve always been an artist, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It doesn’t matter if it’s in front or behind a camera, or with a paintbrush in my hand.”

Info: Gloryfy

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