Range Rover Evoque, the cabrio arrives in 2016

From prototype to reality. The new Land Rover Evoque Cabrio will be manufactured at Land Rover’s Halewood plant in the UK, rolling onto the market in 2016. The world had almost forgotten about the convertible Evoque, but now it’s time to get back on the road. The English crossover will be equipped with all the upgrades introduced in the Evoque range, recently updated for the Geneva Motor Show. Since the first images shot during the development test, in London’s tunnels forty meters below the ground, the original ‘en plein air’ off-road car reveals immediately its aggressive personality. With a soft folding roof, the proportions seems to be the same as the prototypes of 3 years ago. The marketing of the convertible version of the English SUV is a challenge that Land Rover is sure to win. With the soft top up, the Evoque cabrio becomes a classic coupé, although it gives its best with the roof down. Land Rover engineers created a very rigid frame, suitable not exclusively for the town, making the Evoque a great off-road car also with the soft top down.    

We cannot reveal everything about the most glamorous crossover of the moment, but it is possible that Evoque will be subjected to a restyling in conjunction with its cabriolet version. Not only a new design, the old 2.2 diesel engine may be substituted with the new 2.0 Ingenium all-aluminum. And it is not all. The Cabrio will be the first Evoque with adaptive LED lightning for a clear trail in all conditions and a better performance in curves. A brand-new 8’’ Touch-screen and 21’’titanium silver-plated rims. The new English SUV can’t wait to make its entry and put down the roof. 



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