Mission E, first electric Porsche arrives in five years

The all-electric Mission E concept car will be into production within five years.  The German brand executive board had given the green light for production of the Mission E, the new 600 hp super sport electric car, presented last September at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2015. Only a possible solution few years ago, new electric cars are now a reality and with this project Porsche keeps on with his own sustainability investment, also creating more than one thousand jobs in Zuffenhausen, with new painting and assembly unit constructions soon to be operative.  Most talked about at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Mission E is a four-door luxury sport car with four individual seats , multiple electric motors of more than 440 kilowatts (600 horsepower), giving a 0-to-62-mph acceleration time of 3.5 seconds and provides a  range of more than 310 miles (500 kilometers) with one charge.

Charging time is around 15 minutes to reach an 80 per cent charge of electrical energy, , thanks to large ions battery pack integrated into the floor which accepts 800 volt charges In the best tradition of Porsche design, the car shows distinctive aerodynamics with aluminum carbon fibers body structure, two counter-opening doors enabling  convenient entry.  The wheels are made of carbon as well : the Mission E has wide tyres mounted on 21-inch wheels in front and 22-inch wheels at the rear, making this car a real jewel to drive, without a drop of fuel.  Display and control are intuitive, the instrument cluster are displayed virtually in OLED technology on curved screens, futuristically interacting with the driver by touch, gestures or even eye movement, as an eye-tracking system detects, via camera, which instrument the driver is viewing.  The instrument cluster with 3D holographic commands is where the high tech shines the most for the interiors : a car that seems to arrive from the future which will debut on the streets in 5 years.  Tesla Motors, be aware.



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