We are in Gargnano, Italy, near the world-renowned Lake Garda, for the exclusive preview of the Frauscher 747 Mirage day cruiser, which is taking place at the elegant Feltrinelli shipyard.

A high-performing dream motorboat featuring unmistakable lines, the 747 Mirage was developed by Harry Miesbauer under the direction of Austrian design and brand consultancy firm KISKA.

Once in the water, the vessel doesn’t disappoint as its performance can only be described as a concentrate of smooth-running power  (the way it turns, the low bow, the on-board details, the anthracite grey colour) that certainly goes well with the charming surroundings of Lake Garda.

In the cockpit we find a small L shaped sofa with reclining seats: the copilot’s one can be laid down to create a chaise longue,  while the other one is used as an extension for the sunbed. The wide cushions that decorate the lower deck can be fastened onto the 747 Mirage’s upper part so to create an additional sunbathing area.

The best part of our day spent test-driving this amazing speedboat was the chance to be part of the Frauscher Experience, a five-star hospitality package that combines Lake Garda’s  luxuries and amenities to the attention to details typical of the Feltrinelli shipyard (whose San Carlo resort near the Gargnano coast is a true hospitality gem, ideal to be combined with a day trip on a speedboat, with a cultural excursion, with enogastronomic pleasures or just to enjoy some relaxing moments).

The 747 Mirage will make its debut at Cannes Yachting Festival next September 2014, after that it will be on display at Genoa International Boat Show. Discover it on our gallery before everyone else does.

Frauscher Italia / Nautica Feltrinelli

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