Diavel, Ducati’s exclusiveness concept

Exclusiveness is not for everybody. The new Diavel Titanium, produced in a limited series of just 500 numbered bikes, was created to satisfy the demands of those in search of an even more radical degree of customization and refinement. Titanium, carbon, craftsmanship, finishing touches of outstanding quality, a near-manic attention to detail and innovative design, this is the new jewel born in Borgo Panigale (Bologna). The Diavel is unique, innovative and makes a bold statement.

Unmistakable style creating a new benchmark in the sport cruiser segmentThe immense power of a superbike engine (162 CV) for only 205 kg weight, make a linear and usable driving The Diavel dominates the road, light and agile, creating a perfect balance of high-performance and enjoyable ride. Every details has been created to enhance dynamism.

Billet machined rear-view mirrors; a frame finished with an exclusive dark chrome treatment complete the contrast effect of silencer cover in brushed stainless steel. Luxury on 2-wheels with a seat made of Alcantara embellished with leather inserts and personal plate; the wheels are forged with machine-finished detailing,  the delicate machining in natural aluminium set against a black finish give an impressive, spectacular look.

An evil bike, like its name “Diavel” inspired by the Bolognese dialect for “devil”. Early in the development process of the bike,  the first prototype was assembled and wheeled out in front of a group of Ducati engineers; one of them looking from the rear of the bike saw its silhouette and exclaimed: “Evil, just like the devil!”. The Diavel stays faithful to its heritage while shaping the future of motorcycling.


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