With Carrera 911 Porsche goes turbo

Same look at first sight for exteriors, under the hood, the new Porsche Carrera 911 is -totally -new: for the first time in 50 years, the high performing sport car surrenders to boxer turbo engines, discarding for good the naturally aspirated. To be punctilious, the new propulsion performs 20 hp more compared to previous ones, with a noticeable difference in the sound for the low revs. The 911 Carrera delivers 370 hp, the S model, 420hp : both cars sports a three liters cylinder, the reduced fuel consumption is almost a twelve percent.  

Standard in all models, there is a new Porsche Communication Management, which operates by means of a 7-inch touchscreen display or by voice control, allowing the driver to hook up a cellular or smartphone connected to wifi, iPhone will directly interact with the PCM screen with the CarPlay app. The Car Connect app will remotely control multiple car’s functions, such as call up data for fuel level, range and distance driven, fold in mirrors and vehicle track’s position, revealing car parking spot -even at night – with sound alerts/remote front car lights control.

Presented at the last Frankfurt Motor Show, the new 911 Carrera is more sporty than ever, seating on a 10mm lower active PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) chassis that electronically adjusts the shock absorber, also with enlarged curves in the new version with rear wheels now reaching 19 inches for the 911 Carrera and 20 inches for the S model. Curves management performance improved with a rear steering, which closely resemble the 911 Turbo and 911 GT3 exceptional dynamic.

Safety features further enhanced : the multi-collision brakes, which enables faster response in case of accidents, will also bring the car to immediate stop after the first impact.While the 911’s exterior remains – largely – unchanged, the tech seems prominently advanced, proving that improvements for an – already – perfect product, are possible for the German Porsche brand.


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