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Patek Philippe celebrates its 175th anniversary with 7 jewels

Patek Philippe has been beating the time of celebrities, top manager, aristocratic and other people of excellence for almost two centuries. To celebrate its 175th anniversary the Swiss ultra-luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1852, located in Geneva (Swiss) created a collection of  limited-edition commemoratives timekeepers, including the precious Grandmaster Chime. The most sophisticated and elegant ultra-luxury watch (considered so far the most complicated in the world), has an elaborate mechanism and coveted functions, a double-face case that can be worn with either dial facing up. Changing the face is very simple thanks to the ingenious reversing mechanism in the lugs, easy to operate and that firmly secure the case in the selected position.The essential information is displayed on both dials: current time, date, alarms, as well as the full instantaneous perpetual calendar. Grandmaster Chime is the perfect example of Patek Philippe desire to create an “intelligent watch”, with specific mechanisms that prevent potentially damaging manipulations and protect the highly complex parts.Grandmaster Chime is presented in an anniversary-edition superb chest made in Macassar ebonyand seventeen other species of wood, decorated with gold hand-engraved inlays. Only seven Grandmaster Chime watches will be produced: six for the most affectionate clients  and one for the Patek Philippe Museum.


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