Villa Crespi Master Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo new venture

Located in the magnificent setting of Lake Orta, Villa Crespi Relais et Chateaux Hotel is reminiscing of a castle thanks to his 1879 first owner, Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, a Moorish style lover. With Tv celebrity Antonino Cannavacciuolo, patron of the hotel’s restaurant since 1999, two Michelin Guide stars comes to the prestigious luxury hotel.

Born inVico Equense on April 16th 1975, Cannavacciuolo studied at Vico Equense Hotel Management School in Naples under his father supervision, chef-teacher for the school for a long time. Backing to Italy, after various stages in renowned starred restaurants of the French Alsace region, Cannavacciuolo career gets on the fast-track with the management of Villa Crespi’s restaurant in 1999. The collaboration with his equally talented partner -and future wife- Cinzia Primatesta, earns Chef Cannavacciuolo the first Michelin star in 2003, along with three hats rating from Guida dell’Espresso and three forks from Gambero Rosso the same year. The second Michelin star comes in 2006, three years later. The chef popularity quickly arises in 2013 -from both his “Made in Italy” version of the American tv program “ Kitchen Nightmares” and his first recipes book , “In cucina comando io” (lit. I am the boss in the Kitchen), published by Mondadori. In 2015, Cannavacciuolo joins the team of Expo Milano Chef Ambassadors and seats among the judges for the successful Italian version of the international blockbuster Tv show MasterChef(here Master Chef Italia).

Cannavacciuolo artistic approach in his cooking may be summarized by his passion and joyful instinct for genuine, organic, local ingredients, inspired by the chef Neapolitan heritage. The fusion with the Piedmont Region, where his wife Cinzia comes from, results in a blaze of flavors that cheers the palate with distinctive tastes in harmonious alchemy with each other. First step is the quality of the selected ingredients, of paramount importance for Chef Cannavacciuolo in order to allow each flavor to be exalted, followed by a deep knowledge of the individual components for a dish creation. The final result reveals a hint of genius, a – creative – modern revision of the classic Mediterranean Cuisine

Cannavacciuolo Café & Bistrot recently opened in Novara, Italy, in a beautiful liberty building in Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 1. “This format is really accessible and its aim is to bring gourmet food to everyone. Also, it is an opportunity for us to share our culinary origins and values“, chef Cannavacciuolo declares. Offering take-away service and affordable prices, Cannavacciuolo Café & Bistrot is open from early breakfast until midnight.

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