Potafiori Bistro: one of a kind

Lush flowers, good music, great design and lavish food, all combined together: difficult to achieve perfection with so many elements on hand. In reaching the -almost- impossible, Rosalba Piccinni, singer and owner of three flower shops in Milan and Bergamo, opens her Potafiori bistro in Salasco street, Milan. Attempting to describe the spot is a hell of a job: too many identities cohabits this restaurant’s soul. Open 7 days a week -as an extra bonus- from 8am to midnight, the bistro is a catchall for early birds as well as night owls, who can dine while listening to jazz singer/owner performances. Thanks to Mariagrazia Senatore, the restaurant offers Mediterranean food concept-dishes worth to taste- if you can keep from permanent jaw-dropping, which may happens as you set foot in Potafiori. Let’s start from naming it: “I am from Bergamo, it amuses me to play with words”, jokes Rosalba. “Pota in my dialect is used as an “f” word, but you can also think of English and French: potted, pots and pans… many languages with different meanings, to each his own”. Young -but experienced chef Giorgio Bresciani, is also on the list as a good interpreter of Rosalba’s style and taste.

The menu at Potafiori variates every week, keeping up with the blossoming  atmosphere in which the flowers are -you guess- the main characters. Tomatoes friselle , stuffed fried paccheri, croutons gluten free with butter and anchovies: esthetically all combining a flower bouquet.

Rosalba cannot resist serenading live for long: keep on coming at Potafiori and you will meet her voice soon. She started in her childhood, with the first record “Chi? Roxy?” in the ‘90s , the last album -“Arrivi” – in 2011, the five performances at the Blue Note of Milan in 2012 and 2013 -all sold out. Rosalba, AKA “ Cantafiorista” (“The Singerflorist”) also sang at the Milan Fashion Night, Monza Grand Prix and Ischia Movie Festival.

Design-addicted spoiler alert: Potafiori is about to realize a line of fashion products, the Pota Collection now offers the newborns shopper bag, pochette and iPad carrier: Perfect !


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