Finger’s Megeve, sushi fusion on the slopes

The creative Japanese cuisine

With already two successful locations in Milan and one in Porto Cervo, Finger’s has now inaugurated a new restaurant on the snowy slopes of Megève. The creative Japanese cuisine of the volcanic Japanese-Brazilian chef will welcome sushi lovers for the ski season.

Wood and stone, materials that traditionally characterize mountain chalets, blend harmoniously with the delicate atmosphere of Japanese culture created by Japanese lamps and bonsai.

Jean Cocteau used to call Megève “le XXI arrondissement de Paris” because of the great flow of Parisians frequenting the place. There couldn’t be a better location to celebrate Finger’s first ten years.

The position and the interior design

Situated in a position as charming as it is prestigious, Finger’s Megève will be an absolute must for gourmet skiers wishing to enjoy sushi fusion between two slopes. Finger’s have already won over thousands of fans in their restaurants in Milan and in Porto Cervo. Finger’s Megève is located in the vicinity of Christomet, at the bottom of a skiing complex that links the two main ski lift sites of Megève.

The interior deco is in a refined style with views, in perspective, of Japanese landscapes enveloped in a light mist, a play of shadows and lights drawing wood and reeds, of evanescent climates that evoke far away lands… and with above all, the innocence of the snow and the calm of the pine forests.

 The menu offers Roberto Okabe’s eclectic dishes inspired by his Japanese-Brazilian roots like the famous “Carpaccio Gazpacho”, the “Tartare Finger’s”, sushi rolls and iconic dishes, like “Saudade do Brasil”: salmon and avocados with salmon caviar in teriyaki sauce. Delicious!

Finger’S Megeve


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