Ceretto, bottling the best of Langhe’s region.

Three generation and an unchanged passion, the success of the Ceretto family’ wine producers is all in here: the langaroli wines are the excellent result of a complex interaction between a fertile territory and expert winemakers, capable of giving life to unique wines.  The establishment, located in Alba- Piedmont- started with Riccardo Ceretto in the ‘30s.  In the ‘60s, Riccardo’s sons – Bruno and Marcello – enrolled themselves in the family business.  

A succession of gentle slopes with rich soil and perfect altitude, the Langhe hills is a unique area in which everything concurs to winemaking – at its best.

To put it in numbers, the Ceretto’s property successfully employs 160 hectares of vineyard, 4 wine cellars, 16 typology of wine, 1.200.000 yearly production, and 150 collaborators, with five thousand clients, now in 60 countries.  Barolo Bricco Rocche, Brunate, Prapò and Cannubi San Lorenzo, along with Barbaresco Bricco Asili and Bernardot wines, are the top of the range for the company’s current production.  In the white selection, the Alba Arneis wine grape variety is the base for the Blangè Ceretto, a choice that promotes quality over quantity for the Moscato wine, born in collaboration with nearby Santo Stefano winegrowers.

The new entrepreneurial team – formed by Alessandro, Federico, Lisa and Roberta Ceretto -does not limit the family business to locally bottled wine. They expanded with Relanghe –  offering specialty products crafted from famous Piedmontese hazelnuts- and Ceretto Terroirs, which promotes and distributes exclusive foreign wines throughout Italy.

Also, in collaboration with Chef Enrico Crippa – recognized in 2012 with 3 Michelin stars – the Ceretto family inaugurated Piazza Duomo and La Piola restaurants in Alba.

The search for excellence does not stop to wine quality, but extends to esthetics, with beautiful labels for the bottles and spacious wine cellars seated on soft, sloping land, to test the wines in grand style.  From the Bricco Rocche Cube or the company headquarters, the Monsordo Bernardina cellar and the Acino – a large oval bubble suspended among the vineyards, this landscaped, and architectural context can only produce exceptionally beautiful wines.  Meant to be admired and – slowly  – tasted.  


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