Missoni An interweaving of reality and marble

A play on surfaces, veining, variations and tonal contrasts. An interweaving of reality and trompe-l’oeil, interior design and fashion, marble and knit. Missoni’s new advertising campaign translates the themes, materials and forms of the Winter 2015 collection. Every picture is transformed into an all-encompassing vision that involves and shapes backgrounds and figures-A continuum of marbled patterns, stripes and streaks that forms the backdrop. It stretches onto tight dresses, oversized jackets and bodysuits, and from rough or polished stones to knitted jacquards and featherlight printed jerseys that overtake the space, wrapping the body, adorning the skin like a tattoo, declined into various weights, thicknesses and consistencies.

Marble framed in wood. Thick as stone slabs. Thin as sheets of paper. And as elastic, tight to the body and weightless as knit or jersey. Gathered from natural landscape and reproduced in trompe-l’oeil versions, it evokes the patterns, geometries and studied asymmetries of the Eighties Postmodernist artist Richard Artschwager, enlarged and off-scale. It is an interlay of veining that brings energy, strength, and intensity to the cuts of clothes and to the close-fitting lines of the collection . Long dresses, trousers, bodysuits and oversized jackets crossing and superimposing straight and diagonal lines, marbled streaks and solid colors, which free the body’s movement and highlight the sophisticated and contemporary natural state of the Missoni woman for Winter 2015. Featuring by Saskia De Brauw, with the campaign shot by Viviane Sassen, the fashion photographer and highly reputed international artist.

Tartan is in unexpected color feature, shown through the jackets and suits of the Missoni Men’s Winter 2015 collection, that stand out against marbled-stone backgrounds that have been enlarged and expanded to create suggestive pictorial effects. They are reverberations of form and color highlighting the personality unity and natural elegance of the Missoni man. A contemporary traveler between geography and literature, reality and imagery, performed in this campaign by Roch Barbot.



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