Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week just ended and it’s time for final report, especially considering how much the city, this year has never before, has bet on its industries: textile, leather, clothing and footwear. Not mentioning the digital sector which supported the whole event from a practical and organizational point of view, with the Chamber of Fashion’s growing official profiles in terms of numbers, page visits and followers, and also from a communication point of view, with hashtag and special project specifically designed and organized by each brand. Here are some accurate data regarding the number of visitors: over 8.200, a +40% compared to last season according to Fashion Hub, the new National Chamber of Fashion’s headquarter, located at the Unicredit Pavillion in Piazza Gae Aulenti.

An upward trend also reflected in the fashion industry, with a +4,1% supported by foreign markets. In particular, USA and Asia are most enthusiastic supporters of Made in Italy, this season showing, more than ever, a pure Italian aesthetic, craftsmanship and classicism, although well rooted in the present. Characteristics greatly expressed by Italian fashion system’s cornerstones such as Dolce & Gabbana, with a collection presenting a 1950s picture-postcard view of Italy with pieces featuring pictures of Italian landmarks and phrases, and models taking selfies while walking the fashion show; or Consuelo Castiglioni with a Marni woman in tunics and dresses with geometric allure, always in that formal and sober style so loved by Milanese women.   

And also Salvatore Ferragamo, with Massimiliano Giornetti’s collection presenting classical, neat and rigorous forms, or Gucci with Alessandro Michele as new Creative Director, reviving the fashion house, always synonymous of sophisticated elegance, a little naïf, characterized by a meticulous attention to details and accessories, exactly the world where Alessandro Michele comes from. This seemed to be the season of emerging designers, with a standing ovation for Marco de Vincenzo, who presented a romantic impalpable collection, with his usual low profile and discreet style and oriental prints. On the other side, Arthur Arbesser’s collection broke the Milanese rigorous style to explore a more innocent, soft, imaginative and sporty appeal, so earning his place in Milan Fashion Week calendar.











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