Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York: A parterre of international stars, an amazing and sensational collection and… voià!Dior’s new Cruise collection, featuring Raf Simons as creative director, turns immediately into a phenomenal success.

Paying the greatest respect to the maison’s aestetic codes, ‘Raf’, known for his rigorous approach and his avantgardespirit, has delivered a refined, delicate and neat collection with an unmistakable ‘american style’.

He explains: “I find the USA too inspiring, it’s pop, it’s energetic, we had a lot of conversations about where to show. We might show in other cities in the USA in the future. LA and NY are the two places I know best. I liked that the collection played with the contrast between those two cities, uptown and downtown and the contrasting attitudes between the West Coast and the East Coast.”

The designer’s creative essence comes to life through silhouettes that remind of old time wicker mannequins. Traditional and structured constructions are combined with the fluidity and elegance of silk, focal point of this collection featuring the silk carré  as main leitmotif Traditional plissé and drapes get deconstructed to become more fluid and their new-found sinuosity together with their asymmetrical cut play an important role in this collection.

“I wanted an element of playfulness in powerful looks, it was an element of freedom coming into those looks”,  Simons explains, “this freedom is something I admire in the way particular American women dress. And I feel a really strong energy coming from American women in their response to the work I am doing at Dior – and historically to the response America had to the work of Christian Dior himself. It is a reciprocal relationship and I wanted to return that feeling.”

Many international stars attended the event, including RihannaLaetitia Castabut also Marion Cotillard.
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Photo: Sfilata Dior Cruise 2015 – courtesy of press office

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