Givenchy, only for man in Paris

Located right in the heart of the fashionable Marais neighborhood, the new Givenchy Marais store, spanning 465 square meters, is the perfect interpretation of the House’s unique style.  For this boutique, Riccardo Tisci has designed a bold and unique setting that resonates with the creative and cosmopolitan Marais district.The different spaces in the store are deconstructed like patchwork, expressing the transgressive and exceptional world of the House’s creative director. 

Deeply anchored in the brand’s DNA, the concept boasts a wealth of contradictions – a blend of street style and aristocratic elegance – and presents a perfect mix of fine and raw materials; haute couture embodied in architecture.The men’s ready-to-wear collections are presented on a succession of rooms with walls in green or silk marmorino, adorned with mirrors or simply left untouched. The shoes are presented in a room decorated with brilliant white tiles reminiscent of the Parisian subway stations, while accessories are arranged either on gilt-lacquered, raw concrete stands or in black niches.

The copper-colored façade, flanked by the House’s iconic logo, allows the passer-by’s eye to wander into the store. For its opening, the Givenchy Marais Boutique will present Givenchy’s Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, in which Riccardo Tisci highlights the sombre, romantic side of the Givenchy man. The powerful and virile, military-inspired look is softened with delicate touches evoking the celebration of love and religion. There is also a large selection of accessories – a must-have for the Givenchy man: LC Bags, the 17 Backpack, sneakers, scarves.

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