Energetic Sophistication : Marco Corso

Known to a niche of cultured people -with particular tastes- while still emerging in the fashion industry, Italian (Calabria born) designer Marco Corso, after extensive training at Milan based -English- fashion designer Neil Barrett, debut with “Cose A Tre” in 2010. From there, the jump a solo with his “Next Generation” victory, a competition from Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana association,which disciplines, coordinates and promotes Italian fashion development. A new name for the next Spring/Summer fashion exhibition, Corso collection will entice inspirations of Hawaiian dancers to achieve a chic but energetic hyper feminine look.

Forms and colors are meant to melt in a natural way, without overpowering each other, with an eye for essential that prevents clutter and confusion. The flora and fauna seeks an empowering marriage for the brave “total look” pieces, meant to be worn with poise. The agave leaves rendered in snake python prints and exotic parrots feathers in leopard skin give Marco Corso collection a unique eclecticism without the “multicolor” effect that should be expected by such combinations. The forms are deserving a chapter aside : smooth, soft and ample lines for the pants, short cross tops, asymmetric suits and dresses. Cuts, overlaps with some fringed borders are the results of a very unconventional taking on fashion. For the colors, ocra, military greens and asphalt greys combined with black and gold.

Small capsule within Marco Corso collection seems to get inspiration from the automotive world, with a vision of unaware wild animals controlling the scene while race cars are projecting flames and fire in the air. A jungle mood for the contemporary urban woman to wear, designed by a young talented artist that seems to be able to render homage – in his particular way- to both the natural world and to the Made in Italy classic sophistication.




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