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The colors of Alex Mitchumm man

California of the 70s, three friends in love with life, colors and freedom, Mitchumm Industries was founded almost for fun, between bathing suits and surfwear.  Today it is an international brand creating the coolest menswear with an American spirit and Made in Italy top quality. “Color is the new black”, this could well be Alex Mitchumm’s philosophy, creative director and talented young designer who, in the early 2000s, joined his father Daniele (one of the 3 visionary founders of the brand) creating unique and exclusive style collections. Mitchumm Industries wardrobe is halfway between vintage and contemporary menswear, with one eye on the Californian beaches and the other on metropolitan cities, a sequence of looks with a non-conformist spirit and a postmodern, American hipster mood, characterized by an innate and timeless elegance, typical of the Italian style. From the headquarter in Como, Alex says to MFM: “Choosing Mitchumm is not just a style choice, it is a sign of a strong personality for those who want to stand out with class and eccentricity”. And continues, with a cigar between his lips: “Because detail is what makes the difference and the attention to detail is what sets us apart from others”. High-impact colors, irreverent and technically “impossible” prints: the new collection break the mold of traditional masculine elegance with a unique twist. Mitchumm Industries Fall/Winter 2015 collection aims at quality by reducing quantity, to create unique and exotic pieces, also in Jacquard. The exclusive, colorful and eccentric printed shirts (always elegant and luxurious), iconic pieces of the American-Italian brand, plunge into the brand archives’ prints and motifs, and there is more: Shetland knitwear for English 50s and 60s style sweaters and socks with the same shirts ‘prints. Art director Alex Mitchumm has skillfully married tradition and innovation,  taking a chance with a very sound and strong brand that has been making a style statement for over thirty years. Mitchumm Industries is a total look brand that also manufactures a range of must-have accessories like ties, bowties, scarves and suspenders, totally “Made in Italy” with an eye to the United States. The result is a real, sweet&strong, rough man with unkempt beard and unique style. A face with a story to tell. An experienced man that plays with style, irreverent and spontaneous, lover of accessories and originality. Half contemporary gentlemen and half dandy, a man who strives for beauties and things done well. A man like you. Discover it yourselves visiting the flagship store in Como, the selected stores in Italy, Europe, Asia and Japan, or rely on MFM selection.


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