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Boglioli ultra sophisticated elegance

Boglioli presents its new Fall/Winter  2015-16 collection at the Dimore Studio Gallery, the famous Milanese design team. The style that brought the modernist tradition of furnishing and architecture towards a new contemporary, ultra sophisticated and effortless goal, is the background for Boglioli elegant and sophisticated looks. An aesthetic philosophy that enhances even more the fabrics and patterns characterizing the new collection pieces. 

A new shape is introduced: deeply tailored in its construction in a smart selection of materials, it achieves a dynamic aesthetic while preserving a completely relaxed feel. The jacket is shorter and the shoulders are precisely scaled, while the front design moves downward harmonically, smartly outlining the chest. A small marvel of construction and fabric, treated with the mindful and elegant craftsmanship of the Boglioli workshops. Pants feature a higher waist, encompassing the leg just as gracefully as the jacket does the upper body.

Shades, colors and details of the collection bring back to light the understated and humbled elegance of the Milanese bourgeoisie of the 60’s and 70’s. A symphony of midtones and delicate pairings feature grays and camels as their mainstays while contrasting with shades of teal and coral. Checked fabrics feature new washes, enhancing the pattern, making matters softer and sophisticated. A maxi variation of houndstooth gives strength to the linear coat. Tweed and British traditional wools are taken beyond their traditional bounds with bombers and overalls cut with tailoring know-how.

The  Boglioli story dates back to the early1900s when the Boglioli family opened a men’s tailoring business in the Italian town of Gambara, near Brescia. Having established a reputation for elegant designs, in 1970 Boglioli started to share its craftsmanship expertise by manufacturing clothes for other houses. This marked a new chapter for the brand, with a meticulously tailored, deconstructed look quickly becoming the Boglioli signature.


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