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Blumarine and Blugirl. Light up the Shanghai Fashion Week

The Blufin Group had its debut runway show at the Shanghai Fashion Week, presenting the Blumarine’s and Blugirl’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 collections, historic brand of Italian prêt-à-porter, to a public made of Chinese press and a selected number of guests. Over 500 guests took part to the event, one of the most anticipated of the Fashion Week, such as the Chinese actresses Niu Mengmeng, Zhao Siyuan, Zhou Chenlu, the singer Xiaoxiao as well as journalists, buyers and socialites, among the most important on the Chinese front. The event was confirmed as one of the most popular in program. Blumarine collection  appeared like a personal eclectic journey, designing a path made of instinct, glamour and disregard of rules, where the individual style becomes simple and characterized by a natural nonchalance, delicate femininity and romantic spirit. The silhouette is fluid, or clean and short, with high waistline, and precise clear lines enhancing the rich surfaces: lively, dense, with embroideries or teeming fil coupé motifs.

Delicate floral patterns reinterpreted in a sensual key and combined with graphic signs. An evident racé opulence, where romance and pureness are underlined by the different combinations of materials, giving a classic and inflammatory message: personality before rules.  Blugirl, instead, the young Blufin line, aims at finishing the wardrobe maintaining the collection theme – My many selves – mixing the different aspects of the contemporary woman.

The romance of the collection, confirmed by the revival of the Maison’s archive garments, is contradicted by masculine traits, lightened by dreamy touches and structured with the constant alternation of precious and rough, pictorial and material, with a delicate androgynous personality. Today’s young women know that coherence is a state of mind, not an aesthetic choice, and you can appear different according to different situation, and still being yourself. Conceived as one of the most attended events of the year, Blufin debut fashion animated the week show in Shanghai, with its distinctive romantic style, adding another key milestone in its active expansion in the Asian market and offering a memorable evening to all the participants.



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