Balossa White Shirt, the 25 shades of Indra Kaffemanaite’s elegance

Having the choice of changing style every day and living fashion as protagonist, by wearing always the same piece of clothing, a timeless classic, essential and almost Zen-like, that never goes out of fashion: a plain white shirt. That is not an impossible dream, surely not for the Lithuanian fashion designer  Indra Kaffemanaite, Balossa White Shirt art director, who reinvents the timeless must , with contemporary, versatile and elegant style.

In the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection, Balossa White Shirt has completely recreated and brought to life  a contemporary white shirt, thanks to new techniques and constructions that produce unusual volumes and bold details. As if it was a weightless rice paper, the creative genius Indra Kaffemanaite has used the best Italian cotton stretch and made 25 sculptures to wear, thanks to complicated origami techniques and 3D effect pleating.  Modern and geometric lines, formal or casual, soft or sculptured, some of them so exceptionally complicated to need Shingo Sato’s guidance for their realization, a Japanese designer master, renown all over the world for inventing the Transformational Reconstruction.

Weather you wear it with jeans,  shorts, an elegant skirt or soft tuxedo pants, a Balossa White Shirt will be always perfect with its incredible details: bias slant cuts, asymmetries, collars, ruffles and drapes, or the sensual  necklines on the back…

“It is the most practical, easy, sexy, and relaxed cloth, that I would like to bring to new life and give new expression”, says Indra Kaffemanaite to MFM. “Women need to dare and experiment, the white shirt never ceases to amaze me for its power”.  And her creations will surely amaze you.


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