Innovation springs from tradition : AELEONORE Research

Tuscany vanguard in constructing fashion:born from talented designer Eleonora Sassoli in partnership with entrepreneur Stefano Niccoli, the one years old AELEONORE Research startup brand, based in Prato, Italy, confirms the reality of the past been the best starting point in quality leather goods production, a well-known Tuscan tradition. The company employs strictly regional craftsmanship and materials for the manufacturing process, with gusto in application of renowned made-in-Italy balancing act between beauty, comfort and functionality. New style ideas, proof of this young company fresh approach to fashion accessories production, reveals a foresight vision of future trends in the fashion market.  

Recently presented in Milan, the first bag, belt, foulard and jewelry collections AELEONORE Research commands attention with precise application of rules and principles aiming to achieve logic order in forms, lines and prints. Symmetries and colors are combined to produce a perfect geometric syntonic. Every single detail is a successful attempt to defeat chaos, proved by the -well orchestrated- united elements.

Ideal mix and match, rendered by monochromatic leather bags and belts with a collection of multicolored foulards in silk or mohair/cashmere mix to follow up with. Easy to match are also the jewelries, all sporting AELEONORE logo in plain view. Extreme care for the bags details, from brocade fabric linings -the design inspired the entire collection- to golden chains inserts for the bucket bag style. Shoulder bags, iPad carriers and a comfortable handbag that can double duty as a backpack also among the choices for selective buyers.  

“The research is in the brand’s name with the logic of scanning the territory for the best quality in materials and artisans. We are proud to keep this tradition alive because we believe that the past is the key to the future. I would like for AELEONORE to represent the Made in Italy excellence“ says designer Eleonora Sassoli. “Nothing of the traditional work can be lost if we want to achieve excellence, it is the consistent idea behind of all our fashion productions” confirms Stefano Niccoli.

First successful step for AELEONORE, on the -surely solid- traditional Florentine artisanal ground, speaks for an outstanding journey on the road ahead.

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