CB Made in Italy by Cecilia Bringheli’s essential elegance

Mfm meets Cecilia Bringheli. We will discuss about news, future projects and her brand’s philosophy. Her essential style took her to creation of CB MADE IN ITALY. The same mood we can find her female and male accessories. Her “flat shoes” are worn by celebrities and women from all over the world.

Casa Bringheli is in Brera

Home is family. And i was born and raised in a blended one; we are used to count on each other. So when I decided to open my showroom in Milan, it has been normal to me, it was simply “home”. Home is where I feel comfortable, at ease, where my creativity can be expressed and most of all, where I can show my guests the true italian spirit, together with the brand’s philosophy.

Is the product entirely made in Italy? How do you select materials and fabrics?

I would say everywhere, from trade shows to different suppliers, but the matter remains top secret. The SS19 collection is very rich in fabrics, colors and models. It spans from urban chic models to a more cotton-made relaxed mood. Each collection must be enlarged, we care for our clients to find always what they want.

Connections with Italy

Are you fond of your country?

I must confess living in a country so rich in artistic and historical heritage must have influenced my job. I used to spend summers in Positano, on the Amalfi coast, back in the days when this place hid a magical touch of decadence. A “discreet” charm that doesn’t exist anymore. In the meanwhile growing up in a city like Milan led me to create the perfect shoe for every occasion. Urban girls must be fast, but always elegant. If you are wearing a CB Made in Italy pair of shoes you are ready to ride on a Vespa or to step in a formal meeting.

Talking about the “cult of beauty”; which are CB features that are to be considered fascinating?

 We produce hand made products but I think what really makes a difference is we respect elegance’s rules. Endless and with infinite models, in order to satisfy each and every client’s request. Colors and fabrics are assorted and made in Italy is granted. We are happy to notice that clients end up buying new models every new season. This means they are fully satisfied of our under statement and professional mood.

CB in the world

How do you select stores that get to collaborate with CB Made in Italy?

 We are trying to develop our e-commerce trade, at present is performing quite well. In the mean while we are connecting with new possible trade business like the Middle East.

Can you reveal summer and winter’s next top selling product?

 I’d say Positano, our best-selling slipper. Actually it was our firs best selling product ever and thanks to its success we were able to develop other products and show our collection twice a year. Also the Saracina model will become a trend, hopefully. A satin flat shoe, basic but refined thanks to precious canetè o gros-grain detailsIf I have to bet on a winter model, I’d pick Eva, a sporty laced boot. Male models don’t have a best-selling product. They are all endlessly chic.

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