A mundane evening and a VIP parade sum up the opening of Burberry‘s new boutique in Shanghai. Located in the heart of the pulsating Chinese metropolis, in the prestigious Kerry Center to be more precise, the one-brand shop is one of the maison‘s biggest points of sale in the whole world.

Loyal to Burberry’s philosophy based on tradition and innovation, the exclusive boutique offers its customers a unique experience in the pursuit of luxury and elegance, but also represents the beginning of a long-term program which includes a significant investment in both the city and its region.

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, has told the press: “We are very proud and honoured to be here in Shanghai. This is a hugely significant moment for the Burberry brand. Tonight’s event was a celebration of everything we stand for – our Britishness, our belief in creativity and innovation, and our authentic heritage. So many of these themes are shared with this incredible city. Shanghai is a place of such spirit and energy and it has truly inspired us. This evening’s experience was a magical, immersive journey through our Burberry brand blurring the physical with the digital – it merged fashion, dance, with music, craftsmanship and artistry. It connected our worlds – from London to Shanghai.”

More than 1500 guests attended the event including the crème de la crème of the Chinese jet-set such as Vicki Zhao, Carina Lau and Angelababy.

For the occasion Burberry created a suggestive space on the Huangpu river bank in Shanghai, where high caliber musicians (such as George Ezra), models and dancers – rigorously wearing Burberry – entertained the crowds with the help of spectacular digital special effects. The event has seen the launch of the new Bloomsbury Girls collection together with a tribute to the iconic trench coat and a celebration of both Burberry Beauty and sartorial tailoring.

Info: Burberry

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