Tutankhamon, Caravaggio and Van Gogh in Vicenza

Thousands of years of history of mankind and arts, all in one go.  “Tutankhamon Caravaggio Van Gogh”.Evening and nocturnal views from the Egyptians to the 20th Century’, from 24 December 2014 to 2 June 2015, the Vicenza exhibition at the Palladian Basilica shows a series of masterpieces sections that describe the evening and night throughout the history of art, starting from the Egyptians to the contemporary experiences. A poem which begins along the Nile, followed by an even more magnificent poem made ??of painted masterpieces, which tell the full night, a sunset or a twilight, the storm of stars or the coming of dawn. In this exhibit, the nocturnal evokes the fascinating19th century naturalism with artists like Turner and Friedrich, the great impressionists or Mondrian e Klee of the early 20ht century.The beautiful sacred images of Caravaggio and El Greco,Giorgione and Tiziano. 113 masterpieces, from 30 museums and major collections from around the world, divided into six thematics. It is the night, which inhabits the inside of the Pyramids told at the exhibition by the findings, that alone are worth a trip to Vicenza. From the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, a group of amazing Egyptian treasures arrives to Italy for the first time: from the face of king Menkaura and the celebrated one of the child King Tutankhamen up to Fayum Portraits, when Egypt and Rome approached each other starting from the end of the first century.The second section boasts numerous masterpieces by artists such as Caravaggio and Giorgione; the third section displays sixteen sheets of Rembrandt and Piranesi; the fourth section, on the other hand, focuses on the landscape, from the Romantic age to Impressionism. The sixth and last section introduces the 20th century with artists likeGuccione and Lopez Garcia, and some truly memorable works by a great range of artists like Gauguin and Cézanne, but most of all the geniusVan Gogh.

Tutankhamon Caravaggio Van Gogh. Evening and nocturnal views from the Egyptians to the 20th Century

Vicenza, Palladian Basilica

From 24 December 2014 to 2 June 2015

Info: www.lineadombra.it



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