The most feline pop singer out of all thoseCalifornian Gurls has delivered an outstanding show on May 7, 2014 in Belfast, Ireland, where she kick started the European leg of thePrismatic Tour, which will take the former Mrs. Brand all around the world to promote her fouth album, Prism.

As usual, the show was a display of dramatic special effects, flashy colours, crazed fans and wacky outfits that could only suit someone as quirky as Katy Perry. For this reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise the fact that some of the most important fashion brands have collaborated with the singer to produce some tailor-made total looks ready for the stage. As a tribute to her new effort, all stage costumes fall within the same colour palette as the album, which includes blue, yellow, pink and purple.

Iconic designer Roberto Cavalli couldn’t be not included in the fashion-meet-music extravaganza, to which he has contributed by creating two amazing outfits.

The first, Kaleidoscopio Brodè, is embroidered all over with prism crystals, paillettes and multi-iridescent micro baguettes. Underlined with a tulle plastron embellished by a 3D holographic leather patchwork motif, its movement is emphasized by a game of fringes.

The second one is called Scarabeo Cocco and features a plisse skirt combined with a small top. Its multi-reflection effect and motifs have been produced using multicolour reflective leather and coconut prints applied on multi layered light muslin made of lamè silk and silver dust.

Katy Perry goes social and you can follow her here: @katyperry #ThePrismaticWorldtour

An increasing number of stars is getting involved in social media and Katy never made a secret of the fact that she’s an avid Twitter user, and not only. Some of the outfits showed off on tour have been exclusively previewed by the singer herself through her Instagram account with all the necessary hashtags.

Let’s discover with Katy all the fashion designers that have been taking part to the tour’s mise en scène, together with all the Instagram comments left by the Santa Barbara-born artist herself.

Photo: 1) 5 days till FAUSTO on #ThePrismaticWorldTour@faustopuglisi_pr 2) 8 DAYS TILL #ThePrismaticWorldTour I bet this @itsjeremyscott for Moschino will put a smile on your face when you see it! 3) 6 DAYS TILL  #ThePrismaticWorldTour when you’ll see me as the cat lady that I’ve ALWAYS been! Meow-out to @theblondsny (katycats you’re gonna lose ur mind for the CAT-OUR section of the show…) 6d 4) 7 days till  #ThePrismaticWorldTour with @nicolasjebran

Credits: courtesy press office. 5) Kaleidoscopio Brodè by Roberto Cavalli 6-7) Scarabeo Cocco by Roberto Cavalli

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