The Origins of Taste. Food in Pompei and in ancient Italy

Food is one of the main factors that qualify a civilization. This is the idea that inspired the exhibition “The Origin of Taste. Food in Pompei and in ancient Italy”, from March 7 to July 2015 at Palazzo Mazzetti in Asti. Inspired by the guidelines of Expo 2015 “Nourishing the planet. Energy for life”, when “the quality and wholesomeness of food go hand in hand with the established tradition in the cultivation and breeding activities of people and local communities,  the result of age-old experiences which today are grafted on strong innovation science and technology”.

Since ancient times, food has been a characterizing element for the human being history development, capable to create a cultural identity. The exhibition, promoted by Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Foundation and Palazzo Mazzetti Foundation, leads the visitor on a journey to the roots of food behavior in Italian, Asti and its territory, renowned for agri-food production that has its roots in a past rich in local records. Starting from the invitation to a banquet of Roman in a journey back in time, even through some significant insights products (wheat, oil, wine), it offers a comprehensive picture of production and eating habits of the ancient peoples who lived in Italy.

An innovative and original approach based on the meeting between archaeology and technology,  where the reconstructions of the activities and eating habits of the Romans, from time to time,  focus on specific situations related to other important civilizations developed on the Italian territory: from Greeks to Etruscans, up to the Italians.  A sequence of places and locations connected to the consumption, development and production of foods, corresponding to the various exhibition sections, and aimed at illustrating both the preparation and presentation of food and the farming techniques.

The Origins of Taste. Food in Pompeii and in ancient Italy

March 7 – July 5 2015

Palazzo Mazzetti, Asti

Info: www.palazzomazzetti.it

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