Marco Mazzoni’s pencil at Galleria Bonelli

It is the first time in the space of Galleria Giovanni Bonelli in Milan. From April 17 to May 23 2015, after more than two years of International shows in Europe and USA, “Home”, Mazzoni solo show, is back to Italy. The exhibition will feature 20 original works,  characteristic of his expressive figure like the drawings on Moleskine, allegories of animals on the pages of his famous sketchbook, his dark women with flowers, contemporary idols that evocate ancient wisemen that attended other people with herbs and natural medicines

As suggested by the title this show – curated by Alberto Mattia Martini – is both a coming back home for Mazzoni, who has spent the majority of the past two years exhibiting abroad and an intimate reflection over the birth of his artworks. Mazzoni focused on the importance of his life experience and the relationships who played a leading role in his training. Home is also a concept, materialized at the center of the gallery, hosting his drawings, sketches, photos and his colored pencils, the ones he used to realize the works exposed. A catalogue-journal completes the exhibition, realized with autographed drawings and sketches, and including his thoughts, notes, words written by friends, artists, and gallerists that worked with Mazzoni, as well as the story about the artist told by the curator, who leads the visitor in a narrative artistic journey through the new works of the artist.

Marco Mazzoni: HOME

Galleria Giovanni Bonelli, Milan (via Porro Lambertenghi, 6)

17 April – 23 May 2015

Free entrance.

Info: www.galleriagiovannibonelli.it

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