Henri Cartier -Bresson and the others. Great Photographers and Italy

A unique presentation of Italy through famous photographs will be hosted until February 7 at Palazzo della Ragione Fotografia, in Milan. Curated by Giovanna Calvenzi, Henri Cartier-Bresson e gli altri – I Grandi fotografi e l’Italia is an iconographic phat through our Country and the second photographic exhibit that focus on our landscapes after “Italia Inside Out”. Starting point is Henri Cartier-Bresson’s 30 years long travel in Italy.   With Bresson introduction to the performance -a self- portrait dated 1933 the photographers lenses move around our culture covering a span range of almost 80 years. Bresson’s ability to capture the moment has been a great influence for almost any photographers around the world, and his major contribution is regarded as a starting point in our journey. Divided in seven thematic areas, the exposition -promoted by Comune di Milano, Palazzo della Ragione, Civita, Contrasto e GAmm Giunti– is -ideally- a continuation of last Spring itinerary dedicated to Italy.

One snapshot after another, the traveling photographers reveal, in the end, a -more beautiful than ever- Italian portrait to the eyes of the observer. Robert Capa contribution with the American army in Italy during the 1943 Italian Campaign, David Seymour focus on elegance and Cuchi White fascination with Italy foreshortening are only few examples of the quality of this exposition. A more classic, almost humanistic approach, is rendered by Herbert List lens. The first part of the exhibit ends with William Klein e Sebastiao Salgado works. The Black and White section – dominated by Claude Nori and Helmut Newton – starts with Nori travel along the Adriatic coast followed by Newton “ 72 hours in Rome “ tour. Inspired by our major cities of exquisite arts are the impressions of Alexey Titarenko, Abelardo Morell, Gregory Crewdson and Irene Kung.

The fourth itinerary showcases a “documentary “ language, with vision from Paul Strand, Thomas Struth e Joan Fontcuberta. A touch of angst is highlighted by Art Kane e Michael Ackerman, although the atmosphere backs on the positive with Joel Meyerowitz’s talent – in love with our Tuscany – and Steve McCurry captures of Venice This last path of the photographer’s rendering of our Country ends with the Amalfi Coast of Martin Parr. We are back to Bresson self portrait – among others autobiographical contributions – at the closing of the circle of lights, with the master signature showing his love for our country landscape and culture.


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