Glass from Finland in the Bischofberger Collection

The excellence of Finnish design exhibited on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. On 13 April 2015 the exhibition Glass from Finland in the Bischofberger Collection will open to public, featuring over 300 works of glass art from the Bischofberger Collection; a selection of masterpieces of excellence by the foremost 20thcentury Finnish designers. The exhibition will offer the public a unique opportunity to view, for the very first time, some very rare objects, often unique or early production pieces, which Bruno and Christina Bischofberger have collected with passion and insight over the past forty years. The uniqueness of these objects reveals the original creative approach of each artist, and makes this collection of Finnish glass one of the most important in the world. The tradition of Finnish glass design started during the 20s, following the independence from what was about to become the Soviet Union. Some of the greatest artists and designers began to use glass to create works of art that blended tradition and experimentation.After 1932Finnish glass became known worldwideand served toreveal the skills and creative talent of those who would soon be regarded as the visionary geniuses of Scandinavian design.Their works were put on display in numerousexhibitions,including theInternational Exhibitionin Paris in1937and theMilan Triennials of1933and1936.

Among the fan of Finnish glass, the Italian architect Gio Ponti, became strongly committed to the promotion of Finnish glass.

Italian and Finnish design were linked by a common ideal of functionality and aesthetics, which led to several collaborations between designers and companies from both countries, as in the fruitful case of Venini glassmakers.

Glass from Finland in the Bischofberger Collection

Le stanze del Vetro, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

13 April– 2 August 2015

Info: www.lestanzedelvetro.it



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