Tells us about the connection that has always binded food to visual art. Discover what correlates the enogastronomic tradition with the Italian artistic culture through the masterpieces of the history of art. From 24 January to June 14, 2015, Palazzo Martinengo of Brescia will host the exhibition “The food in the world of art. Masterpieces of the great masters from the Seventeenth Century to Warhol“, which will have over 100 works of masters of the ancient art such as Campi, Baschenis, Ceruti, Figino, Recco, Ruoppolo, Stanchi, who will talk with modern authors and contemporaries such as Magritte and de Chirico, passing for Manzoni and Fontana, up to Andy Warhol. The callout is at Expo 2015 “Nourish the planet, energy for life”. The exhibition at Brescia, intends in fact, to emphasize the strong interest of art toward food, passing through all historical periods and assisting, at least ideally, to what will be the universal Expo spirit. The exhibition, promoted by the association of the Friends of Palazzo Martinengo, with the patronage of the Province of Brescia, Lombardy and Expo 2015, and edited by David Dotti. The journey that awaits the viewer will be unforgettable and will cross the different pictorial trends that have succeeded one after another in the course of history: from baroque to rococo, from nineteenth century Romanticism to the avant-garde Twentieth Century. Creativity and originality because each artist has its own personal style and tells its relationship with food in the typical singularity of every work of art.The exhibition, ordered according to a iconographic standard is chronological, will show as painters between the seventeenth to the nineteenth century used painting the food and typical dishes of their lands of origin, and will discover dishes and foods that today have completely disappeared and it is difficult to imagine even the flavor. Art embraces the know why thanks to the collaboration with some of the most renowned departments of food science of the Italian universities, you will also be able to learn valuable information on the foods and the tastes of that time. Ten thematic sections that form a trail of  taste that you will stop in to taste, even only visually, all food, from fruit to meat, passing by the cheeses, deserts and wine. Among the masterpieces in the exhibition does not pass unperceived eaters of ricotta, of Vincenzo Campi, the dish of peaches, of Ambrogio Figino (considered the first still life in the history of Italian art, a painting about a lustre before the basket of  Caravaggio), the table of the watermelons of pointillism  Emilio Longoni and the Last Supper of Andy Warhol, the famous reinterpretation in key pop art version of the works of Leonardo.

Food in the world of art

Masterpieces of the great masters from the Seventeenth Century to Warhol

Brescia, Palazzo Martinengo (via dei Musei 30)

January 24 – June 14, 2015

Hours: Wednesday to Friday: from 9.00 to 18.00 ; saturday, sunday and holidays: from 10.00 to 20.00 Monday and Tuesday closed

Ticket audio tour included: €10 whole price; €8 reduced ticket reduced for schools: €5



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