Festival of the Gardens at the Royal Villa of Monza

Show cooking, exhibition, seminars and workshops:form May 13 to 14, the Royal Villa of Monza hosts the fourth edition of the Festival of the Gardens, sponsored by Terralab3.0, Association of Social Promotion in Monza, in collaboration with the City of Monza, the Royal Villa and Monza Park Consortium. This year’s edition of the Festival celebrates, in the year of the Expo in Milan, the theme of the food through an innovative format that will explore the land, the orchards, the rural and urban agriculture. The Festival, divided in several sections, is an opportunity to talk about food, agriculture, landscape and ecological architecture, by nature defined as “care” and green education in schools. Courses, seminars and workshops aimed at children, teenagers and even adults will offer various opportunities to experience horticulture, gardening and cooking.

Saturday May 16, from 9 am to 8 pm, a group of international experts will present the Green speech about the theme of Feeding the city: new forms of urban agriculture and their positive effects on the economic, social and welfare system. Show cooking, tastings, local produce, cooking schools will be the ingredients of the Taste center, where you can choose different gastronomic routes, like traditional Brianza dishes. Local Chefs will challenge to create new dishes to combine with high quality wines, selected among the best producers who work in an attempt to keep alive the dialogue between culture and nature. The Taste center is the Festival food court, presenting gastronomic tastings based on natural and local ingredients.

The Garden on the Table is the title of a competition of ideas for designers in the sector, in collaboration with the Order of Architects of Monza and Brianza, aimed at creating a vegetable outfitting. An exhibition set up on the Greenhouse garden will welcome the winning installations selectedby the jury. The “out of competition” section will showcase artworks which did not participate to the contest, but are worthy of attention. 

The grand finale: Friday June 5 at the Serrone (Big Greenhouse) of the Royal Villa, the Green Gala Dinner will be the ideal end of the fourth edition of the Festival, with a menu selected through an internal competition at the cookery school Food Genius Academy. 

Festival of the Gardens

Special edition “Expo in Monza”

Royal Villa, Greenhouse Gardens

May 13 – 24 2015

Free entrance


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