Expo, Andrea Bocelli will be opening the Exposition

Expo begins. The universal exposition inaugurates with a live worldwide broadcast. The event will be in Piazza Duomo, Milan where Andrea Bocelli will perform during the exclusive evening event host by Antonella Clerici and Paolo Bonolis, on Rai Uno. Andrea Bocelli  will be accompanied by the chorus and orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala and the Orchestra of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala. In addition will also perform the tenor Francesco Meli, baritone Simone Piazzola and the soprano Maria Luigia Borsi.

Over 160 events are already scheduled for Expo. Many the Heads of State expected in Milan for both the opening and during the days dedicated to their countries. For Russia, on June 10 the presence of President Vladimir Putin has been confirmed by premier Matteo Renzi. Francois Hollande is expected the day dedicated to France, June 18, while The United States day will be in July. Great attention for China that besides a day dedicated to Chinese tourism on May 22, and one to the national day June 8, will have a whole week dedicated to Beijing and another to Shanghai, between May and June. All the events in calendar will follow four themes, the one for national days is only one. Another theme will offer in-deep days in occasion of the Charter of Milan consignment by the UN Secretary Onu Ban-Ki Moon, that will be October 16 at Expo. The Europe day will be the start, scheduled for May 9, and following the international day of family, the Farmers World Trade Organization conference, June 3, and meetings dedicated to the fight against child labour, the international indigenous day, the Ministers of Culture forum, with participants from 140 countries and the Nelson Mandela International Day.

A myriad of initiatives will flood the city. Flags from all the participant countries already wave along viale Forlanini, the first part of town seen when coming from Linate Airport, giving the distinctive Expo international feeling to Milanese people and tourists. Room for food, of course, Feeding the Planet with meetings dedicated to producers and products like milk, bread, pizza, wine and oil. On June 20, Milan won’t sleep with the great Expo white night: all is ready to welcome over 20 million tourists to the city.



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