Boccioni: genius and memory

For the first centenary of the death of Umberto Boccioni, the City of Milan celebrates the artist with an exhibition that highlights, also considering unpublished documents, the artistic path, and the international stature by showing approximately 280 works including drawings, paintings, sculptures, engravings, old photographs, books, magazines, and documents

The exhibition, curated by Francesca Rossi Agostino Contò, produced and organized by Castello Sforzesco, Museo del Novecento, and Palazzo Reale, is built around the substantial corpus of 60 drawings, usually kept at the Castello Sforzesco and “loaned” to the curators for this occasion. A collection that is already able to summarize the essential lines of the artistic career of the painter/sculptor and that is, on this occasion, accompanied by identification documents recently classified and, of course, by the paintings and sculptures.

The topics that are covered in the Royal Palace are those loved by to the poetry of Boccioni, such as, for example, the development of the concept of dynamism in relation to the human figure, the portrait, and landscape and urban views. But the path also includes several European figurative currents contemporary and referred to the classical and Renaissance tradition, with the first attempts within the futurism still deeply tied to the experience of divisionism and expressionism that Boccioni approached, in Venice and Milan.

Apprentice of Giacomo Balla together with Severini and Mario Sironi, Boccioni moved permanently to Milan in 1907 where he came into contact with Carlo Carrà, with the young graduates from Brera and the circle of goers of the Café Cova. It was thereby impossible for his adopted city not to dedicate, on this important anniversary, a more than complete exhibition.


March 23 / July 10

Monday:  2:30 pm –7:30pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: 9:30 am -7:30 pm
Thursday and Saturday: 9:30 am -10:30 pm

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