Beyond the glance, McCurry exhibition in Villa Reale

Renowned for his evocative image of the green eyes Afghan girl, appeared on the cover of National Geographic, Steve McCurry, has had a very fruitful production over 30 years of his photographic career. His first exhibition in Milan, in 2009 at Palazzo della Ragione, was a total success of public and critic. Today the exhibition Beyond the glance, held within the Villa Reale of Monza until 6 April, presents 150 big size pictures, with audio-guides available for visitors.

Not only images decorating Piermarini’s royal home, but also a series of video where the artist explains every image, his travels and his conception of photography. The exhibition path starts in the monumental corridor of the exquisite villa reale, decorated with the amazing images that also infill the spacious rooms of the second floor. The images taken from all corners of the globe are thematically connected around an iconographic theme, carefully positioned with a reference to stage design and contemporary art installations.

The exhibition, curated by Biba Giacchetti and Peter Bottazzi, is sponsored by New Villa Reale of Monza Spa in collaboration with Villa Reale Consortium, and produced by Cultura Domani. Every image is an emotional and personal facet of McCurty’s world. Not only one of the greatest contemporary photographer, McCurty has a magic and mystical way to connect to people, expressing in his work a vision of our time that everybody can identify with.

Steve McCurry Beyond the glance

30 October 2014 – 6 April 2015

Villa Reale of Monza 

Noble second floor


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