Stefano Ricci’s summer collection 2016

Diverse shapes and lots of colors. Stefano Ricci presents its new summer collection, focusing on personal and eclectic male elegance. The proportions are designed according to perfect canons, individual combinations highlight the patterns, the light stamens and contrasts are able to convey a vision of a style that is above all dynamic. The Castle of Sammezzano, set of the lookbook, inspires the new textures of fabrics and the color.

While the jacket stays long and winding, the structure is much lighter. The password is casualwear, which redefines a new unique balance between lightness and performance. The reference material for the leather is still the crocodile, this time, proposed in six different looks: nubuck, smooth-matted, matte, shiny, semi-shiny, antique-finish, all built with craftsmanship to bring out the best from the material.

The colors alternate, using tones from the land and the countryside. Of course, the iconic Blue Ricci is present, together with turquoise, the deep water green, but also white, gray and ice. The palette changes define the personality of Stefano Ricci collection, immortalized by the three-dimensional artisanal manufacture of the fabrics, by the knitting and the leathers. The proposal for the free time is a jacket made of silk and cashmere, or lightweight duvets with refined details wore on cotton and silk shirts, with the exclusive patterns Stefano Ricci and with a contrasting collar.

For business style, there are not only perfectly cut three-piece suits, in Super 180 Wool, but also two-button jackets in exclusive tartan juxtaposed with cotton trousers that recall the primary color scheme echoed in the extra light cashmere scarfs. And not we get to the central element: the shirt. Showing up under the jacket with its combination of silk and cotton, or linen. The polo shirts are four silk buttons. The jackets are perfect both with jeans and also with ton-sur-ton pants


Elegance also on the move.  Stefano Ricci brings its sophisticated luxury into contact with the most dynamic moments of the day, including training and pure recreation. The runner suit “Olympia“, made of high-tech silk and with crocodile details, presented last season, is already a bestseller. The details complete the outfit. All the careful craft is to be found in the accessories, such as belts – handmade, calfskin or crocodile – with the head of an eagle, the emblem of the Maison, together with the hand chiseled elephant with its trunk raised, the news of 2016.

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