Piccione.Piccione: stylist’s first test

Salvatore Piccione -from the emerging Piccione.Piccione brand- is one of the most promising Italian stylists of the past few years.  The designer career took off after his “Who’s on Next” victory, in 2014,  which opened the door to substantial current collaborations with major famous brands, including Barbie Global Beauty, Swarovski, Top Shop, Pablo Bronstein and Longchamp among others. The Milanese Fashion Week, presented this talented Sicilian artist for the first time on the catwalk last February, with his “Amor Vincit Omnia” collection.

Seductive and delicate at once, the collection can be summarized with its image- whimsy but still compelling – the of a romantic man hanging in the sky attached to red, heart-shaped balloons, inspired by author Paulo Coelho’s book “Brida,” in which a woman narrates her own spiritual search experience. Piccione translated the concept in colors and patterns, rendered in delicate feminine silhouette.   Doll-like dresses, long, soft blouses topping pencil skirts, with contrasting masculine forms for the coats, jackets, and pants.

Embroidery work, prints and 3D designs, multiplicates on these classic bases, with dreamy graphics of angels, flowers, hearts and hot-air balloons for a winning – both visual and tactile- stimulating experience, with a touch of feminine glam, included in the accessories department. Silk, lace, and tulle are contrasted by tweeds and felt in condensing the dichotomy between the masculine and the feminine.  The color palette rotates around hot reds and pinks, with touches of black for graphic contrast: a real triumph of colors and vitality.


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