A new femininity for Diane von Fürstenberg

In a pink silk jersey twist, with golden-heeled shoes and flowers in the hair, DVF Spring/Summer 2016 woman is a source of inspiration, wearing with nonchalance either a printed palazzo jumpsuit and a suit vest with metal flecks. Her body swathed in chiffon, wearing  a clutch with fringes, and playing with bright colors and mixed patterns. An unforgettable image, in a vivid pink dress combined with spotted sandals and a crown cap made of hydrangeas.

With a romantic and modern spirit, she matches feminine blouses with small bomber and shorts, together with the Secret Agent bag in metallic tweed. She wears a business suite with her characteristic nonchalance, adding a touch of catlike spirit. In floral tops and sandal with sculpted heels and animal prints, she walks towards unknown paths.

Divine, in a white chiffon dress with python edges, she is the woman she always longed to be, in control of her own destiny.



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