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MARRAS’ S Universe backs up our memory files.

Soft, long and asymmetrical flowing lines, combined in the classic atelier style structure.   A storm of draperies, crops, stratifications of veils and frilly ruches. Classic plentiful masculine style distinguish the pants while unexpected, revealing cuts are generous in the fabric and gives a nude look to the double-breasted jackets. The sensual -long -dresses and austere dressing shirts are playing addition and subtraction games with strictness and ornamental flair at once. All expressions of Antonio Marras Spring/Summer 2016 collection rotates around a concept of remembrance,stratified by – jealously guarded – years of memories that awakes to a new life forms in this fashion designer process of creation. The symbolism, deep- rooted in 2007 after visiting the Armenian artist Sergej Iosifovic Paradzanov art exhibition in Paris, becomes the starting point for Marras new Summer collection.

In his ornamental finishes, Marras communicates the symbol in exotic and unusual pairs with embroidered pieces and layering of fabric remnants , appliques and stitching manipulated to perform all at once on stage.

“Excess and eccentricity are mandatory against commonplace, banality and uniformity” declares Marras.  Daydreaming? Yes, with this spectacular collection, “living” proof of his visionary statement.



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