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Gretel Zanotti: a new star is born

Sophisticated and personal, the young brand Gretel Zanotti looks already well established in the aesthetic universe of fashion. Artistically talented and in love with her relationship with art, the young stylist clearly express her passion for fashion production in her pieces, cutting through with originality in design and creative interpretation of present fashion trends.

From Milanese Istituto Marangoni formation, Gretel Zanotti – 21 years old only – is already at her second production, and successfully getting through in the fashion field, as her minimalist, clean-cut collection, raised a noticeable wave of interest in the public. This brand is mostly appreciated in her elegant sartorial line, also produced in Italy with fine fabric and materials using new applied techniques.  

“A picture, sculpture or photo detail,  all instigate my fascination for beauty and are the starting point for a new line to take form in my imagination”, says the stylist.

Living proof of the artist statement is her new Spring/Summer collection, inspired by La Primavera of Botticelli, in which the re-interpretation of the modern era woman mixes with goddesses as in Venus,mediating among Anima and Eros, Love and Psiche, Reason and Instinct. A celebration of nature with floral spurs and rationality in the cutting, within a composition in balance for measure and linearity, comparable in many rigorous details to rinascimental fashion art.




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