Atelier Versace deconstruction and softness

Tough ethereal. Impeccable imperfection. A new Versace evolution. Elevated deconstruction, softness. Stripped of detail, transparent silk chiffon gowns flow from boned body lined in velvet, the fabric free to float as if pure air. Lightweight chiffon layers bring softness to tailoring, especially with the drape of bell sleeves. The tailoring is punctuated by metal staples that define the silhouette. Cut-out chiffon layers create raw-edged flowers that decorate chiffon dresses in dove grey, powdery pink, faded green and lilac. Fil coupé velvet and hand-painted flowers are floating on a long gown as if destroyed, with boning lined in velvet at a sheer body. A string of flowers trails up to hold the dress at the neck and the head.

A new sense of ease comes from an oversized embellished sweater which hangs off the shoulder, worn over a floor length embellished slip dress, held just by slender shoulder straps. Micro sequins are double-faced in silver and purple, as if scratched away to create transparency on a dramatic long gown with cut-outs across the boned body. Bands of silk chiffon unravel around the body, decorated with Swarovski crystal and chainmail, clinging to the body before falling to the floor. Transparency is crucial throughout, whether the softness of long sheer dress with velvet-lined boning and crystal embroidered flowers, or the attitude of a lace. 

A burst of volume comes from crystal bodice gowns with skirts of shredded and raw-edged chiffon and tulle on a sheer base.High platform heels are worn with each look, boots or sandals providing a toughened contrast to the softness all around. 




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